04 April 2009

Joint Action Forum 2nd Letter dtd 24/3/09

Letter to PM on marching to his office to hand over petition in protest against Victimisation of OSOA Leaders by MOPNG.

Joint Action Forum 2nd letter dtd 24/3/09 to PM

24 March 2009

Joint Action Forum- First Letter

Finally, a new formation of CPSUs' Officers has emerged for taking up broader issues related with Public Sector at large and now, it is not only Oil sector (OSOA) but various other sectors' Officers also have joined hands together and united. The forum was constituted unanimously by the Management Associations representing officers / executives from sectors like Power, Telecom, Oil, Coal, Defence, Food Corporation, Banking and Steel Sectors. Other sectors have also shown their keen interest for strengthening this formation. Please go thru' the letter adressed to the Prime Minister and the resolution passed by this forum.

Joint Action Forum of All PSUs including Banks - Resolution to PM

29 January 2009

IOOA SR Communication dtd 29-01-2009

Regd. Under Trade Unions Act 1926
Regd Office: ‘ Indianoil Bhavan’
G-9 Ali Yavar Jung Marg, Bandra East , Mumbai-400051.

Date : 29/01/09

Dear Members,

As you are aware ONGC management terminated 64 CWC members of ASTO during the strike. Yesterday ONGC Board met and revoked the termination of 62 people and has deferred the decision about its CWC president Shri .Amit Kumar (OSOA President) and Shri Rajan Pillai CWC General Secretary. Out of 62 termination revoked, 6 officers have been brought under suspension consisting of four Working presidents and two vice presidents. Following are the details.

Mr. BML Oswal Working president
Mr. SrI Hari Rao Working president
Mr. Baruah Working president
Mr. SK chatruvedi Working Presidet
Mr. PK Sharma Vice president
Mr. Sanjay Wasne Vice President

Our Board meeting is scheduled on 30th January where we expect that the issue of 13 officers suspended / terminated during strike may be taken up for review.


Regional Secretary / South

23 January 2009

Secretary IOOA, NR's Communication-40 dtd 23-01-09

Secretary, IOOA NR's communication-40 dtd 23-01-09.

Secretary IOOA, Northern region Communication-40 dtd 23-01-09

GOM meeting outcome- News from Media

We are just copyoing news item from Media. Our official say on the outcome of GOM meetings will appear on this site when it is time.
News Update Service
Thursday, January 22, 2009 : 2025 Hrs RSS Feeds
Committee of Ministers meets on pay hikes for oil PSU officers

New Delhi (PTI): A Committee of Ministers headed by Home Minister P Chidambaram on Thursday held its first meeting to look into the anomalies in the pay hike approved by the government for executives of public sector companies.

"The government is going to be very sympathetic (to the demands made by oil PSU officers)," Petroleum Minister Murli Deora said before going for the meeting.

Oil PSU executives had struck work for 60 hours earlier this month, crippling fuel supplies, in protest against a mere 18 per cent increase in wages approved by the government. They had also protested against bureaucrats watering down the Justice Roa Committee recommendations for pay revisions.

After protests, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had constituted the ministerial panel to look into their demands.

"Nothing has been finalised just now. This was the first meeting," Deora said after the one-hour meeting.

The Department of Public Enterprises briefed the committee on issues concerning wage hike.

Chidambaram is likely to call representatives of the executives to make a presentation at the next meeting and may take a third meeting before finalising the recommendations.



Sequence of Events – Oil Sectors officers’ Wage Hike leading to strike

Sequence of Events– Oil Sectors officers’ Wage Hike

Series of EventS leading to Oil Strike


The country has witnessed a strike by Oil Sector’s Officers’ Association (OSOA), which continued for an unprecedented three days. In the media the Officers were painted as villains & terrorists. A false propaganda was unleashed regarding the hefty pay scales of Oilmen & the media labeled us traitors.......read more below



Present : Mr. V.N. Kaura with Ms. Paramjeet Benipal, Advocates for
the plaintiff.

Dr. A.M. Singhavi, Mr. Rajiv Nayar, Mr. Sandeep Sethi, Mr. Jayant
Nath, Sr. Advocates with Jaiveer Shergill, Mr. L. Nidhi Ram Sharma and Mr.
Virender Singh Thakur, Advocates for the noticees.

I.A. No.184/2009 (of the plaintiff under Order 39 Rule 2A of the CPC) in
CS(OS) No.2387/2008 and I.A.No. 182/2009 (of the plaintiff u/o 39 R 2A CPC) in
CS(OS) No. 2388/2008

The noticees/non applicants are present in person as directed on 9th
January, 2009. The senior counsels appearing for the non applicants/notices
state that the non applicants bonafide regret breach/violation of order of this
court and realize their mistake and for this reason only have appeared even
without service of notice on all of them and do not want to give any explanation or justification and tender unconditional apology and will in future not violate any order of the court. It is further stated that for this reason only, they on 9th January, 2009 itself withdrew the strike. It is further stated that the breach/violation occurred in the heat of the moment and owing to the circumstances suddenly developed owing to a large number of persons having collected together.

The counsel for the applicant/plaintiff has also been heard. I am satisfied that the apology tendered is remorseful and from the heart. The breach of injunction of this court appears to have occurred because of a mob mentality. The noticees are but the office bearers of the Associations which were injuncted. The breach/violation was in fact on part of all/most members of the Association. Even though it is the contention of counsel for plaintiffs/applicants that the noticees are the persons responsible for breach/violation of order of this court, in view of the breach having been rectified immediately on issuance of notice of these applications and the apology tendered today and following the principle that mercy bear richer fruits than strict justice, I accept the apology and discharge the noticees.

Each of the noticees is however directed to file an affidavit of apology in this court within one week. The noticees who are inter alia office bearers of Associations are directed to inform the other members of the association also of the consequences of breach or violation of the injunction or order of the courts.

CS(OS) No.2387/2008 and CS(OS) No.2388/2008.

Since the cause of action for the suits no longer exists, no useful purpose will be served in dealing with the same. The suits are disposed of with liberty to the plaintiffs to apply afresh if the cause of action arises, leaving the parties to bear their own costs.


January 16, 2009

High Court Order on contempt of stay order

22 January 2009

Left Front Support- Rajya Sabha MP's letter and others

4 Pages-
-- Sri Tapan Sen, Rajya Sabha MP's letter to Murli Deora protesting Govt Action against officers as vindictive when OSOA called off the strike- Why all this?
-- CITU Press Release dtd 09-01-09
-- Citu's letter to Murli Deora dtd 13-01-09

[WE, or any Oil Sector Officer's Associations, are not Politically Affiliated. But we do appreciate all the Support from Ministers and Unions and Political Parties in our legitimate fight agaimst Govt]

Citu Support Dtd 13-01-09

18 January 2009

Eastern Region Unions Supported totally

The Strike by OSOA from 7th January 2009 to 9th January 2009 all over India has been remarkable in many ways, one of them being the first time a strike was not called off in first few hours. The other aspect of the feature is that all across Unionised Employees too gave their full support. In Eastern Region such Support was complete. Here is a letter from the CITU union to Chairman IOCL.


An Appeal by an OSOA Member

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I have written a letter out of disappointment. Please edit and forward to all.Our leaders have been terminated, i feel there should be a silent and peaceful protest. We should carry out our duties sincerely to achieve the goals and targets of our company. However till our leaders are reinstated and demands achieved

  1. We and our families should not participate in any of the functions, seminars, conference arranged/addressed by the management.
  2. We and our families should not participate in Sports and cultural activities of the company.
  3. All activities in welfare organisations like Mahila Samiti, etc should be boycotted by osoa members.
  4. A peaceful and silent rally should be arranged and participated by our families.
  5. Let us boycott company parties, farewells, free or subsidised lunch, buffet dinners, etc

Let us be united and save our leaders, their families and future of their children.

Thanks / Regard

sosoa member

IndianOil Officers' Association
Registered under the Trade Unions Act, 1926
Reg. Office: "IndianOil Bhavan"
G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg, Bandra (East), Mumbai- 400051

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